Hiding of block plays important role in composing the block prior to the publishing on URL. Block hide will be portrayed by the eye icon in the Preview section and in the campaign URL, it will not be present on the Link in Bio's link. Leverage this feature to prepare ahead of time and stay strategically true.

Easy steps to follow

  1. Go to Campaign URL Edit > Click on the Block > Scroll Down to find Hide along with Schedule Option

Note: This feature is available in blocks like Subtitle/ Text block, Instagram Block, Medium Block, Youtube Block, Button and Text, iFrame blocks. It will not be available for Profile and title block and Social Links block

2. Click on the Hide button

PS If you have chosen both hide and schedule options for the block! Then the priority rule will apply to Hide for the block.

3. Save in Draft or Publish the URL

Note: If you want back the hidden block, unselect the Hide option.

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