We are super excited to be listed on Pitchground. Here are quick steps that will help you apply your coupon code

Please follow the following steps -

  1. Go to Pitchground

  2. Go to Profile - Scroll Down and go to Coupon.

  3. Please copy the code from Pitchground by Selecting Linkjoy

Now when you are signing up on Linkjoy you can apply the coupon code in the highlighted field

What if you forgot to apply it while Signing up?

Step 1: Once you have the Pitchground Code, head over to Linkjoy Signup.

Step 2: Sign up and verify the email that you are looking to use Linkjoy with. This cannot be changed later.

Step 3: Once you are in the Linkjoy application, head over to ‘Settings’ in the bottom left of the side-bar.

Step 4: In settings, head over to ‘Billing’. You will see that your account is expiring in 14 days.

Step 5: Click on ‘Apply Coupon Code’ on the top right. Paste the code and hit ‘Apply’

Step 6: Done! You will see Life-Time Access on your account.

Do you have questions or feedback? Please feel free to reach Linkjoy support via chat/ email (contact@linkjoy.io), or explore Help Center to get information!

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